Reflect and Present

random photos of my family — getting everyone in one photo is an impossibility
(L) me and my late dog Gus, (R) an accurate drawing of me circa 2014, by my little brother
(L) my eldest brother, (R) my first time seeing Boston
the first prompt — a book cover of Breakfast of Champions
the second prompt — redesign Oxford Dictionaries + collateral
The last prompt was to redesign the T.
Logo for Apartel
name + identity + murals for a surf hotel
event posts every week for my friend’s bar
merch and delivery truck design for a ramen bar
logo + wood mural design for a cafe
example of a restaurant from start to finish
a warehouse we would frequent when selecting materials and designing signages
50 iterations of Shigeo Fukuda’s “Victory 1945”
“Signs of Life”
frames from “Signs of Life”
“Everybody is Different and Everyone is the Same” — a book shining a light on underrepresented authors and illustrators of diverse children’s literature
some spreads from “Everybody is Different and Everyone is the Same”
our first three prompts for Type II
posters for various prompts: (L-R) Histories, Glossaries, Glyphs, Process
slides from my “Errors and Accidents” presentation
10 posters embodying errors and accidents




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