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Christopher Sleboda, Katherine, and Rachel attended as panelists for my final review this semester.

As anticipated, the nerves from the sleepless night prior carried over to the day of presenting. Showing my work to anybody is challenging, to begin with, let alone experts of the field that can dissect and dismantle each project quicker and more soundly than I ever could.

As a person that deeply cares about the quality of output, my ego tends to lean more towards the fragile. And, while these reviews intend to be constructive and ultimately arranged for the betterment of the student, it can’t…

Observe and Quantify was a data collection project for my Spring Studio class. On the day of the briefing, I immediately had the idea of collecting photos of the sky. The sky is organic and unique almost every hour. At the time, I still couldn’t visualize the final output, but I knew it had to work somehow.

I thought deeply about the project on my walk home from campus. I realized that while the idea of collecting photos of the sky was appealing, it seemed too straight-forward, too easy. Anyone with a phone camera could replicate it. …


Treasa and I paired up for our second project for Studio: Structure & Morphology. We were to deconstruct and analyze a film or TV show and, from that, create a narrative of our own. Delivery and execution were open-ended, so we were determined to fully trust the process and see where our research would lead us.

We decided on The Shawshank Redemption by Frank Darabont.

For last week’s Studio assignment, I was tasked to do a presentation that included a brief background on myself, my design work prior to entering the MFA program at BU, and my work submitted last semester.

This is the gist of it.

I’ve lived all my life in the Philippines. It’s an archipelago made up of 7,640 islands. We’re known for beaches, diving, surfing, as well as graft and corruption.


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